Koray Balcı developer blog?

How I built this site

This blog is using Jekyll to render markdown files I author to html and hosted on GitHub. Simply put, I have a GitHub public repo where I put markdown formatted files like this one. Whenever I push them to GitHub, magic happens behind the scenes and markdowns are transformed to html. To make them pretty, I forked the Poole/Lanyon repo. In total, building and publishing the site took around an hour or so.

Note that, I did NOT install Jekyll locally, since I am on Windows right now and pretty lazy. I just blindly edit files and push them to GitHub. I know it’s not a healthy thing to push stuff without testing locally, but hey, this is just a blog site.

Here are the links that are still open in my browser:

Next, I will add comments below posts, in case someone reads these and wants to comment… Here are the alternatives I found so far:

I suppose, I will go with Google+ for now, any recommendations are welcome in comments :)

I have to mention new text editor I use to author this site, the new toy/joy I found out. If you haven’t already found out, I highly recommend Atom by GitHub. I recently started using it and pretty content with it so far.